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BAC 100: 2010. Join in the Celebrations of 100 Years of Aviation in the West of England. Aviation image sequence: Photograph of the Bristol Flying School at Larkhill by T L Fuller © J T Fuller. Mercury engine installation diagram, courtesy of BAC/Rolls-Royce. Selection of old postcards from the collection of Jackie Sims. Photograph of A380 over Clifton Suspension Bridge courtesy of Airbus SAS 2006. Computer generated image of A350 XWB courtesy of Airbus. Artist's impressions of main exhibition by Simon Gurr. Sir George White (Airbus).
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Whether you began your career in West of England aviation as a pre-war apprentice at BAC or have only recently joined a company in the city-region, we'd welcome your anecdotes and comments about your experiences.

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NG, BAC 100 Registration
Posted 4317 days ago
The Bristol Aeroplane Company launched my career and that of my contemporaries – I will always be thankful for the vision of this company in establishing its apprentice system as a means of building a national and international cadre of aeronautical engineering expertise.
BB, Filton Voices
Posted 4317 days ago
I started as an office girl, and in those days you had to take all communications to wherever they had to go in the firm. There was no putting them in an 'out' basket to be delivered. We had to wear Quaker blue overalls, a complete whole overall. All the women had to wear these overalls, which were changed once a fortnight.
MJ, Filton Voices
Posted 4317 days ago
I thoroughly enjoyed working there, but if you looked at the environment compared to Health and Safety conditions now, it was bad. Most people have gone deaf due to the noise of riveting guns. We would cut asbestos with no mask. You didn't think about it at all – it was just the conditions. It was a good place to work and a very interesting place, cutting-edge technology all the time.
PK, Filton Voices
Posted 4317 days ago
In Bristol there was two good places to work, and that was either the BAC or Wills' cigarette manufacturers in Bristol; the two big employers. Conditions were good, compared to other industries, but it was mainly the wages that attracted people. Very strong union, I think, stronger than what it is today.
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Man working on Centaurus casing, c 1950s (Rolls-Royce plc).
Man working on Centaurus casing, c 1950s (Rolls-Royce plc).

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